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SATIS 2011
Paris, Halle Freyssinet
8-10 November 2011
- Binocle and AMP booths,
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IBC 2011 2011
9-11 September 2011
- Binocle and Thales Angenieux booths,
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Dimension3 2011
La Plaine-Saint-Denis, France
24-26 May 2011 (workshops on 24th and 26th of May, 12h-12h45)
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3DStereoMedia 2010
Liege, Belgium
8-10 December 2010
3DLive conference (conference on Fri10, 9:40am and workshop on Fri 10 2pm)
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IBC Conference 2010
9-14th September 2010
3DLive present on Thalès Angenieux booth
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Super League
XIII Rugby

Perpignan - July 04th
Dragons Catalans/Wigan
Match & Interviews

Dimension 3
Paris, June 2010
Presence of Technicolor and Binocle stands
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Shangai 2010
3DLive project invited by Imaginove cluster to give a lecture (18th June 2010) during the Shangai Film Festival, within the World Expo.

February 14th, 2012 : 3DLive give its best shot on its last event before closure end of March, after 3 years of existence



To end their fruitful collaboration of the 3 past years, 3DLive partners performed a last live broadcasting on OrangeTV 3D channel ("canal 333").


It was a private gig of rock band "Skip the Use", happening in famous AMPVisual studios "Rive Gauche" (Paris). 6 camera axes including Bincole rigs on a portable documentary unit, a fixed mini rig and a crane, associated to new optical lense prototypes (Angénieux) contributed to deliver very nice and strong immersion sensations. Visual comfort was remarquable thanks to a long concertation work between the director (Jean-Marie Boulet), the stereographer (Bernard Mendiburu), research teams of Binocle, INRIA and of Orange Labs on visual quality perception and of course highly technical skilled ressources of AMPVisual. Also a very nice work has been done on song title insertions and visual effects during scene transisitions, or through incrustation of 3D scenes within 3D frames ou par des incrustations de scènes relief dans des cadres en relief (cf article de Sonovision Mars 2012).





3DLive juste performed a world 1st 3D shooting and multiscreen livebroadcasting  (TV, PC and mobiles) !


This event took place in Rennes, January 27th, 8pm : volley-ball National A leaguen Rennes vs nantes. Live broadcast was realized through an optical fiber network running from the sport hall to the "Cantine Numérique" of Rennes town center, where the signal was received in very high quality and was directly projected onto a 3meter-base screen in 2 different rooms ("Cantine Numérique", and "4bis"). From there, the signal was reencoded and broadcasted on the internet towards TVs, PCs and mobile phones. Such a multiscreen rendering was visible locally on the "Cantine Numérique" site in Rennes, but also 100km away, in Nantes, in the "Ecole Centrale" school. PC broadcast was realized using an adaptive streaming technology, thus allowing to adapt to birate fluctuations, for example here from 2Mbps to 10Mbps. Mobiles phones could display the same stream, but encoded at 500Kbps. Remarquable work was done on this operation by Binocle, AMP, Orange Labs, Technicolor and Thomson Video Networks teams. All visitors really enjoyed the visual rendering and nice 3D sensations on all different screens. Although joy was less obvious in Nantes at the end of the game since Rennes Volley 35 team won 3 sets to null... :-)


"Bale de Rua" among Dimension 3 Festival finalists!

Out of 103 3D movies this year in competition at Dimension 3 festival,  27 of them were selected for the finals, among them "Bale de Rua", 3DLive show broadcasted on October 2nd, 2010, from Lyon (France) in the "live acquisition" category. Dimension 3 auditorium will offer screenings of finalist programs (or extracts thereof), from 24th until au 26th of May. 
Several 3DLive contents can be seen on Orange, AMP and Binocle booths.

3Dlive wins 1st prize at the "Images et Réseaux" cluster trophy competition

Tuesday April 12th 2011, « 3DLive » obtained first prize at the "Trophées du Pôle Images et Réseaux", ie. "best project" in this "Images and Network" Brittany cluster competition. Eleven projects took part in the competition, each of them had precisely 10 minutes to convince a 10-person jury made up ofcCluster representatives, journalists, consulting and other experts. Evaluation criteria ranged from intrinsic project qualities (such as technology, scientific properties, use cases and level of innovation) to collaboration level, creation value, originality and presentation pertinence and clarity .To access this presentation (in French), click here. This prize is avery nice reward for the work done by all of the 3DLive project partners!


Last 3Dlive event


Les Fourberies de Scapin" - Molière, direction Omar Parras

Friday 3 December, in Sartrouville (Paris area), 3DLive consortium shooted and live broacasted on Orange 3DChannel "Canal 30" the theater play "les Fourberies de Scapin" (Molière), excellently directed by Mr Omar Porras and excellently played by Teatro Malandro. VoD available soon on Canal30!

3DLive performed realisations

Biennale de la Danse - Lyon

Saturday October 2nd, 2010, in Lyon : 3Dlive consortium realized its second live performance : the brazilian dance ballet "Balé de Rua", within the dance festival "La Biennale de la Danse"

Both artistic and technical results were impressive, one of the best live 3D rendering seen!

Dragons Catalans vs Wigan

04th July 2010
Captation 3D Super League
XIII Rugby, Perpignan



This match was the first achievement of 3DLive partners collaboration inside this project.    

The 3D shooting was realize with 4 GrassValley's cameras LDK8000  fit out Thalès Angénieux lens put together in Binocle's rigs.

Then, datas were processed by software develop jointly by Binocle and INRIA of Grenoble.
Global operation was coordinate by Orange.

There was no live this evening but the global operation took place in live condition with a film-maker inside the AMP mobile broadcast unit.

Technicolor and Institut Telecom were presents in order to plan out with all the partners the type of scenes that it is important to shoot to be able to work out in the laboratory.


Create excellent expertise in France for live shooting and transmission of 3D stereo contents

Help French industry and universities to be major global 3D actors

8 partners

R&D industry:

Orange, Technicolor, Thales Angenieux, Binocle, AMP, Thomson Video Networks

University labs:

INRIA, Institut Telecom

Project supported by:

Three industry and research clusters :
  Cap Digital (Ile-de-France)
  Imaginove (Rhône and the Alps)
  Images et Réseaux (Brittany/Loire Valley)

French Ministry of Industry and DGCIS
Ile-de-France region